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Mommy Meltdowns

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Our house can often be quite hectic at times with the dynamics of the presence of three young children. I love our wild, fun-filled life, but my patience is certainly tested daily. Almost anyone would describe me as a laid back, easy going person that is very slow to anger. However, the majority of those people don’t see me when my kids are driving me over the edge! I am not proud of it, but I’ve been known to lose my cool occasionally... okay, okay, maybe daily. Not so surprisingly, every mom that I’ve ever mentioned this to seems to be able to relate. Mommy meltdowns are not uncommon and guess what? THEY ARE OKAY!!!

I have had many conversations with my close friends and family members that have some very funny situations where they have come completely unglued in the moment. This is my on-the-fly poetic tribute to every mom’s freak-out moments:

Mommy loves you very much and you love mommy too.

But sometimes mommy gets stressed out and loses it with you.

You may think you’re being pretty good and then you turn around.

Your mom looks unhappy, but she’s not making a sound.

Then you ask one simple question like, “Where’s my soccer ball?”

And she answers you in a deep voice that doesn’t sound like her at all.

Don’t you worry one little bit. She’ll be back to herself before long.

Your mom is freaking out even though you did nothing wrong.

The baby’s crying. The dog is barking. Little sister made a mess.

Big sister wants to go outside in her fancy dress.

Your little brother took his diaper off and is naked as can be.

Someone spilled their juice on the floor, oh wait, I think that’s pee.

Mommy looks annoyed. Not sure how much she can take.

Is she going to scream and shout? She needs a mommy break.

Oh no, little sister, she doesn’t have a clue.

She just came in the room and her hair is blue.

The paint is everywhere and she looks so proud.

She has no idea mom is about to get loud.

Nostrils flaring, arms waving, mommy’s face is turning red.

Look at those huge eyes; they may pop out of her head.

She’s yelling about something, trying to get our attention.

Who is this crazy lady standing in the kitchen?

Don’t you worry, it’s OK.

Your mom is not the only one who acts this way.

The best thing to do is always listen and do what mommy said.

Don’t fight with brother, push your sister, and never jump on the bed.

Mommy loves you very much in each and every way.

Sometimes she just gets frustrated and has a real bad day.

So next time you see mommy and she has that strange look.

I think it would be best to sit down quietly with a book.

One day you will understand what your mom is going through.

When you have a kid you call your own that makes you freak out sometimes too.

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