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What Really Happens

After Childbirth



This book is an extremely personal account of one mom's physical and emotional postpartum experiences. Written from actual audio recordings, this tell-all book captures the vivid details of the days and weeks following childbirth. 


Although having a baby is worth every second, postpartum isn't always smooth sailing. Prepare yourself as you squirm, wince and laugh your way through the account of one mom's life after delivery.





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“A very candid walk through the most miraculous yet difficult time in a mother’s life.  All mothers will be able to relate to this story in many aspects.”

Dr. Kim Shannon


“I feel mothers will be blessed by this story whether it be first time moms or mothers already with children.  The experiences discussed come from knowing first-hand what our body is capable of going through for such an amazing miracle from God.”

Jaime Blaylock, F.N.P. – B.C. and mother of twins


“I loved it!  I laughed and remembered things I am glad I had forgotten.  This special and crazy time in a mom’s life has been captured and offers a unique perspective.  I loved reading it when my kids were toddlers, but needed it when I was expecting.  A must read to help mommas through this wild adventure of motherhood!”

Vicki Williams, proud mother of two

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